4 Fashion Mistakes Women Must Avoid

Women and fashion are never apart. Every woman desires to keep up with the recent trends. Fashion advice is taken seriously and the fashion industry is growing excessively. Fashion is not only embraced in the cinema world but its aura is also seen among youngsters and corporate. Let us look at a few common fashion mistakes made by women.

  1. Fishnet Stockings

    Image result for Fishnet Stockings                                          Fishnet stockings don’t give a good reputation as they are always included with miniskirts and related accessories. These can create an impression of you looking very provocative and thus misunderstood. Therefore opt for fishnet that has a smaller size and matches it with skirts or knee-length. Shoes with creamy shades go well with this attire.

  2. Open toe shoes with tights

    Image result for Open toe shoes with tights  This is a frequent mistake made by almost all ladies. The open toe shoes are meant to showcase your toes and the edges of your tights. But such combinations don’t seem attractive, especially when the seams or the edges are hardly visible of the open parts. So the correct option is to pick the right pieces for the right season and not forget about pedicure before you wear them.

  3. No Bra

          No matter how much you are inspired by the models on the ramp with no bra under their costume, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea in            real life. There are many cases, where this trend has resulted in embarrassing moments in public life. It’s always safe to stick to your                  inner wear and match them with your dress according to their design.

  1. Leggings and cropped tops

    Related imageLeggings are a hit with the ladies and they give them the freedom to match and have diverse combinations. But the danger comes when they are paired with cropped tops. Leggings are supposed to be worn with long tops or tunics as they don’t expose the bottom. Anything else matched with them looks very provocative.

Women also tend to pick up random patterns and incompatible prints, which don’t go well when they are not combined appropriately. Another fashion mistake is when they pick fur for summer, which will not e comfortable for the weather outside and can misrepresent your fashion taste. Style mixing is also now in trend, wherein the different styles are mixed and matched to give a new look. This seems good for a specific occasion or day, but it is not a feasible option for an everyday look. So ladies endorse the tips above and be the fashionista you are.

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