Most Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

Women love their accessories. They love to accessorize themselves and look fabulous and there is no arguing that fact. The market knows this too and there are many companies that cater to these needs exclusively. There are accessory brands that go above and beyond to fulfill your cravings and make the accessories you want.

If you have money then the world of accessories is your oyster. There are luxury brands and even common brands that make luxury accessories for those lioving the high life and as you can expect, they cost a ton. The same is true in the world of tech.

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GNG’s Gold and Diamond iPhone 3G Case

On top of the list is GNG’s gold and diamond iPhone 3g case. Althlough the phone itself belongs in the stone-age, the case is now a collector’s item. Made for the over the top wealthy customers, the case cost a whopping $108,880 and is made completely from 140 grams of 18 carat gold and studded with around 200 diamonds. The logo also carries another 400 diamonds as well.

Lady Blanche iPhone 4

You saw a case before, now you get to see what an over the top iPhone looks like. The Lady Blanche iPhoen 4 is a creation of Gresso that costs $30,000. Featuring three Swiss clocks at the back, it reads times from New York, Paris and Moscow. The clocks are set on a pearl white natural Antilliam mother-of-pearl La burgaudine dial, which features diamonds.

Lunatik iPod Nano Watch Case

iPod nano’s were supposed to be the budget friendly way of experiencing the iPod but somebody thought people want to splurge on them as well, and they came up with the Lunatik iPod Nano watch case. It costs around $18,000 and features hand set diamonds all around the watch’s borders. It was made by ZShock, a creator of luxury jewelry.

Motorola Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset

Motorolla was never known to make anything luxurious so it was quite a surprise when they announced the Motopure H12 headset. Costing more than the rest of their inventory put together, it is a limited edition Bluetooth headset created from 18 carat gold and studded with 180 hand cut diamonds. It costs around $6,500.

Chanel Laptop Case

Yes, Chanel has also made tech accessories and like any other accessory from Chanel, it costs a bomb. The hot pink laptop case from Chanel is a case that can rival designer purses. It costs $1,450 and looks just like any other handbag.

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