Papillio Brand Women Shoe

The footwear that disperses electro static impulse softly and have been developed in different styles. This Birkenstock footwear not only stop bothersome discharges in normal working contact with colleagues or clients, they defend high frequency and semiconductor IC technology from defects and breakdown. Birkenstock offers a wide variety of top brands such as Papillio, Footprints, and more! Birkenstock clogs, on the other hand, can be worn all year round. The shoes make for an ideal match with a pair of denim jeans.T-strap clog with single adjustable strap. Cork soles adapt to your feet, creating full support.

o Sole Support: Papillio Classic Arch
o Sole Composition: Cork/Latex
o Sole Liner: Suede
o Sole Material: Ethyl Vinyl Acetate

Suede is the underside of natural leather brushed to create a napped finished.

Apply Cork Sealant – new sandals already have a light coating of sealant to prevent the exposed cork from drying out. If the cork no longer looks shiny, apply another thin coat of a flexible sealing material . Done periodically, this will prolong the life of the footwear.

To clean & Protect Uppers – Apply water and stain protector to leather, suede and nu-buck uppers before wearing and after each cleaning. Keep suede uppers fresh looking with a suede brush. When soiled use mild soap suds . For nu-buck use nu-buck block. Clean and condition leather with high quality neutral leather creams; use matching leather polish to cover scuff marks. Wipe with a damp cloth. The inside of the sole may also be washed with mild soap suds and a soft brush. Dry slowly, away from heat to prevent cracking!

The Papillio sole has been carefully selected for its superior qualities. It is lightweight, flexible, durable and shock absorbent. Keep your sandals away from radiators and fireplaces. Never leave them in a closed car on a very hot day, or on the beach exposed to direct sun. If your sandals become wet, let them dry slowly, away from direct heat. If the soles should become damaged or worn, they can be replaced.

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